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Be Careful with them Smart Drugs

So as you know I’ve been experimenting with smart drugs a bit and the newest one is amiracetam. Now this one you don’t need a prescription for so I ordered a couple bottles. I’m gonna get right to the chase on this. First, there is a lot of info on how one should take this with choline (which some consider a nootropic as well). So I also ordered a bottle of CDP choline.

The recommended ratio dosage is 4 amiracetam to 1 CDP choline. So that is what I did. Now as a disclaimer I have only been on these for about 3 days and here is my experience. First I felt a bit anxious and as the day went on I was extremely tired. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. No bueno. For a drug that’s suppose to improve your cognition I can’t say it’s doing a very good job.  Read more

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Hey guys I wanted to talk briefly about something I’ve been researching lately and it has to do with the subject of ‘smart drugs’. If you’ve ever seen the movie Limitless then you know that it is about a drug that unlocks the untapped portions of the brain and makes you smarter than everyone else on the planet. Since I’ve always been involved and fascinated with the human potential I decided to investigate it myself and here’s what I’ve found…

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Honestly I would say that maybe a select few in the world have it but it’s probably not as effective as it is in the movie, AND if it is, the people who have it will never share it! But there are actual ‘smart drugs’ available to all of us ordinary ‘Jones’es’.

So…What are they?

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Getting a Little Payback

This is something that has been on my mind a little bit lately. I think it’s an important human tendency that is often misused and and at the same time underused in the right areas. Getting payback on someone that has wronged you or even that you have perceived has wronged you can be quite cathartic. Whether it is an ex who broke your heart, former business partners who used you and stole from you, or that boss that constantly holds his position over your head with the threat of firing you, wanting to even the scorecards is a very common human condition. And I would argue a very necessary one.

I’m not advocating getting revenge physically or doing something petty but I’m also not advocating beating yourself up too bad if you do do something that may possibly be frowned upon by society (just don’t hurt anyone or do anything illegal). Really, I would argue that giving back a little of what has been given to you is actually necessary for the long term health of your psyche. I want you to really think about that because I know there are things done to me in my younger days that still affect me. Especially now that we have Facebook and we can look upon our perpetrators anytime we want. Heck, the internet gods might even be throwing their continued charmed lives in your face every time you log on. Hard to get them out of your mind when they keep popping up in your friends photos. getting even

Now I want to share a personal story with you. Years ago I was victimized by a group of guys in my school. It started in the sixth grade and these guys beat me up on an almost weekly basis until tenth grade. Well that might be exaggerating a bit but it did happen more often throughout those years then I would like to remember. The problem was not only was I getting beat up and picked on, but the ring leader was my cousin. Our families weren’t really close but still, we are related by blood (pun intended). Unfortunately this little son of a bitch was also very popular and he knew how to get people to like him and follow him. I was no exception. Sometime in the seventh or eighth grade he decided he wanted to be friends. Needless to say I jumped at the chance even if it was just an effort to stop getting jumped.  Read more

Using Their Criteria

In the last post we talked about using Reverse Psychology and now I want to talk about another cool thing that I use both in business and everyday conversations. Some people call it Eliciting Their Criteria. We talked about it as being used in a buying context or in how people use it to make decisions and take action. So now let’s look at how to use it in other everyday things like getting a drink at a crowded bar or getting better service at a restaurant.

Now my buddy who lives in Waco showed me this. He actually uses it in his business ( when he sells his tree service. Basically he said he looks for signs on what someone responds to. When you use it in sales you ask a bunch or questions to get an idea of what your prospect responds to positively and then you match that back to them when you give your presentation.

Anyhow we went out for drinks a few years ago and the places we went to were really crowded. Needless to say I was having a hard time getting the bartenders to take my drink order. Every time it was my turn to get us a drink it seemed like it was taking twice as long as it took my buddy. After like the third time waiting for me he finally said, Jones come with me and I’ll show you how to get the bartenders to notice you.

Crowded Bar

On the way over to the bar he told me how every person is different and every bartender is different. When the bar is full and they are busy they get into whatever personal work mode they need to, to do their job. In essence they get into their own particular zone and they tend to respond to people based upon what they feel they are most comfortable with. For example he explained, some bartenders respond to people who raise their hands to get noticed, while others it might be someone who yells loudly at them, or it might be someone who stands right in front of them while they’re making the drinks or who stand in some other particular spot. And it may be any combination of these things and more. Read more

Reverse Psychology in Sales

Man…so I love this subject. I do different work for various businesses as well as some copy writing and I needed to do a page for a company that does web design and some seo stuff. So in this company they work with people like plumbers, electricians, roofers and such. Anyway the guys they work with get pitched website and seo stuff all the time so they came to me and asked me to write something up as to how they are different.

Now I had to do some digging but I found out the company only works with one company in one market at a time so it doesn’t end up competing with itself and its other clients. Not only is this genius it is also pretty integrous. This was exactly the approach I ended up using and it actually is a pretty common sales technique and just a plain old everyday thing you do with your kids.  Reverse Psychology.

Now what I did was I wrote about how this company seems to do what everyone else does but with a twist. And it’s with that twist that you turn the tables on your prospect and you get them to qualify why you should work with them rather than them deciding to work with you. What I did is say that this company only works with one company at one time in one niche in each marketplace and that each company they decide to work with needs to satisfy certain criteria. The reason is that what this company does is extremely effective and will work but it will only work for one ‘chosen’ company.

I’ve done this in the past personally when I was dating. Usually girls like to make you jump through hoops just to go out with them so I liked to turn the tables. Simply by acting like I could take them or leave them and painting a picture about how women usually misrepresent themselves and how I’m looking for a certain type of girl that qualifies and before I knew it they would be throwing themselves at me.

Remember this, whoever is more willing to walk away is more likely to get the better deal. Or if you like, whoever is more willing to walk away has the power. Check out this youtube video on Reverse Psychology in Sales. It’s pretty cool.


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Tera Thought Form

A Little Food for Thought!

So some of the things I’m going to go over in this blog are going to be just some of the things I’m interested in. For example, most people don’t know that I am absolutely obsessed with how the mind works. I love to look into things like hypnosis, sales psychology, nlp, and motivation strategies. One of the things that really gets me going is finding out HOW other people get going. Not necessarily the things they are passionate about but the things that they do on the inside to make up how they feel about the things they are passionate about and the things that they do on the inside that helps them take action.

It might be cliche but people really are as unique as snowflakes. I don’t mean that in a woo woo feel good sense but I mean that in a way that people’s unconscious thought strategies are so different. Realizing this was really an eye-opener for me. Most people tend to think that people tend to think like them and they have a hard time realizing that people just think differently. Sure we can share ideals, ideas, and values but if we were to really pull back the hood we would realize that absolutely everyone thinks in a way that is different from our own. Read more