Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Hey guys I wanted to talk briefly about something I’ve been researching lately and it has to do with the subject of ‘smart drugs’. If you’ve ever seen the movie Limitless then you know that it is about a drug that unlocks the untapped portions of the brain and makes you smarter than everyone else on the planet. Since I’ve always been involved and fascinated with the human potential I decided to investigate it myself and here’s what I’ve found…

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Honestly I would say that maybe a select few in the world have it but it’s probably not as effective as it is in the movie, AND if it is, the people who have it will never share it! But there are actual ‘smart drugs’ available to all of us ordinary ‘Jones’es’.

So…What are they?

Well the one that I am personally familiar with is Modafinil. I am actually on it right now and it’s about 1am in the morning. I wrote about 5,000 words yesterday in about 2 hours (not straight writing as I was doing other things like tagging pics and things that ate up a bunch of that time). But…I will say that this stuff works. What does it do?

Well in my experience it helps with fatigue and at the right dose (I’m still trying to figure that out), it definitely boosts your mood and helps you to concentrate on certain tasks longer. I will say I am more prone to having those tasks be things that are internal and that take little physical effort. This may just be because I usually take it when I am on the computer but once I’m in the zone, I don’t feel like doing anything physical but yet I’m not tired. More like in my head. It’s a strange feeling but you do feel like you can concentrate on a single task much longer than normal.

I was taking it awhile the last couple of months and really built up a tolerance so it’s something that should be taken moderately or you will end up breaking the bank buying them as well as probably doing some internal damage somewhere. But all the research shows that it’s a pretty safe drug with minimal side effects. Really the only side effects I see are some irritability at times, occasional headaches (I get those anyway), and some teeth grinding (but I take a high dose so that’s most likely my fault).

Now Modafinil is only available through a prescription but it is pretty available online. Where there’s a will there is a way. So in order to kind of curtail the tolerance building with Modafinil you (apparently) want to do an on day and then and off day or basically every other day. What most people are doing during the off days is taking a supplement nootropic stack. The stack that seems to be the most effective is a combination of Choline and Aniracetam. I haven’t tried these yet but I’m going to order some online shortly. These are actually natural supplements and you can get them at some health food stores. It’s actually cheaper online so that’s where I’m going to try it.

Now the reason I bring this whole thing up is because we’ve been kinda talking about things that help us get more out of life. Whether that’s dropping old baggage, using high level communication skills, or amping up our cognitive abilities. I believe that our food, water, and chemicals added to both have artificially dumb us down. I also believe that chemicals can reverse that BUT I do not believe in the current use of GMOs or Cranial Implants. The reasoning is beyond what I’ll write about today but I don’t believe either one has been created to enhance our lives but the opposite. Could they be used for good? Sure, but that doesn’t seem to be the effect so I would say stay away as much as you can.

Anyways I just wanted to share my 2 cents.  If you want to get a little more out of your day do a little research on what I’ve talked about because it has worked for me so far! Good Luck and I’ll talk at you soon.

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