Be Careful with them Smart Drugs

So as you know I’ve been experimenting with smart drugs a bit and the newest one is amiracetam. Now this one you don’t need a prescription for so I ordered a couple bottles. I’m gonna get right to the chase on this. First, there is a lot of info on how one should take this with choline (which some consider a nootropic as well). So I also ordered a bottle of CDP choline.

The recommended ratio dosage is 4 amiracetam to 1 CDP choline. So that is what I did. Now as a disclaimer I have only been on these for about 3 days and here is my experience. First I felt a bit anxious and as the day went on I was extremely tired. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. No bueno. For a drug that’s suppose to improve your cognition I can’t say it’s doing a very good job. 

Day 2…same thing. Day 3…same thing. Only now I’m starting to have a burning sensation in my hands, my feet, and my face. WTF. After searching some more on the internet I see that a lot of people were having trouble with the drowsiness aspect. I have yet to find anyone with the burning sensation but I’ll keep looking. Also, on the first night I had horrible nightmares.

Anyway what I found on the interwebs is that some people don’t need the choline. I’m not going to get into the science too much but the racetams deplete your choline so you will get headaches if you don’t supplement with it. Some people have too much and adding to it can overload your brain and possibly you adrenals and you have to sleep. Now the other big thing that people are complaining about is brain fog and that’s also exactly what I felt.

Brain fog…come on. Isn’t that the opposite of what a smart drug is supposed to do. Now this morning I felt normal and some people say that its a combination of just getting used to the amiracetam and getting your own personal dosage right. Other people say that they have never adjusted and have even had permanent brain fog since taking it. I don’t know if this is worth it. I did however cut out the choline and have noticed a slight euphoric effect for a little bit and I have been working for a few hours without really feeling tired. I still have the burning sensations but it’s tolerable. That may be due to some nerve stuff I have going on from a back/neck injury I have so I can’t 100% say that it’s the supplement. We’ll see.

I’m gonna stick with this a little longer and I’ll update you guys if I feel it’s worth it or not. But in the meantime definitely do your due diligence. I did however work out and felt no ill effects. I wasn’t overly fatigued and I felt better afterwards as far as the brain fog was concerned.

Here’s a video on this drug if you are interested.

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