Quick Update on Smart Drugs

So for the last 6-7 months I have been using Modafinil and Armodafinil and I just want to briefly share my experiences. Lately I’ve switched to Armodafinil which is the more powerful form of Modafinil but for me doesn’t seem to have as many side effects as Modafinil. I’m not going to get into the differences other than Armodafinil lasts longer and is a bit less intense but is more powerful as you only need half the dose. I do however take much more than the recommended dosage as with both you build a tolerance. I do not see too many people taking as high a dose as me so hopefully I am not doing harm to my health. All in all I feel pretty good other than I do get dehydrated and constipated often. I do sometimes lose my train of thought but not in confusion rather it’s more like a short term memory glitch that comes and goes. The weird thing is that my concentration is better when it comes to work and I can keep track of conversations and tasks pretty easily. It’s just I’ve noticed that I will start talking about something and then lose the point or I will open a page on the computer and then have to close it and think about what I was looking for in the first place. My suspicion is that these episodes are mostly due to the fact that I am sleeping less and not eating well or exercising (just had a kid).

As far as productivity is concerned, I do most of my work at night due to the baby and I couldn’t get half the stuff done I need to if I weren’t using Armodafinil. It just plain helps and I can get into the zone of just grinding my work out. You also feel pretty good on the stuff too although that in and of itself is strange since sometimes you kind of get this anxious adrenaline feeling but you feel good at the same time. It’s not like speed but if something startles you I can definitely feel my heart jump faster and beat harder.

The other thing also that I noticed is that with Modafinil I would have periods where I would get angry. I don’t get that with Armodafinil. But with both of them you kind of get these visual hallucinations. It’s more like you see something moving outside the window or out of the corner of your eye. It’s not a full hallucination but it is something that your body reacts to that isn’t there. Once again this could be due to having less sleep. Anyway…I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully I will be transitioning out of one job and into another instead of having to do both and I can cut down the smart drugs and get back to a more healthy lifestyle. ¬†For now though it is helping me make that transition faster for sure.

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