Ron Jones is one heck of a guy. He is an ex-marine whose had a ton of life experiences of which he has crafted a unique life experience of which we are lucky to get a glimpse of. Ron has toured the world in the military but considers himself to be a walking contradiction as he is both a lover and a fighter. Through his new website Tera999 we are lucky to all get a brief glimpse into his unique perspective on life and all things moving.
Here’s a Personal Note from Jones:
Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my blog. Really this site is just one of many outlets I have to funnel my thoughts and one of the thoughts I have this evening really sums up what I am all about. I think many of you reading this have never really thought about the nature of reality and what it means to your everyday life. Let me tell you that as an ex-marine I have had that ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting more times than I would like. And really that moment comes down to realizing what it is you really value. The problem that I see in most people’s lives, no matter where they are at on this planet, comes down to accepting false values or really to not even contemplate values.
I’m not talking about moral values or social values in particular, but really just values. Do you even consider them when you make a decision and take an action in your daily life? Most people don’t and even if they do they don’t realize that they are acting on values that have been artificially instilled upon them either by their families, their friends, their village, their region, their country, their religion, their parents, their co-workers, their favorite news outlet, you name it. Their values are either unconscious and/or are simply something they picked up somewhere.
Personally I think values should be something that we all have worked hard for. Things that we’ve experienced first-hand and that coincide with the Truth as much as we personally understand it. Don’t be that protester that just goes along with the crowd because it’s the trendy thing to do. Have an opinion dammit but have it because it’s something you have personally experienced and fought hard to understand your position. The you will have conviction and once you have conviction, we can talk.
Take the time now to understand your values and get rid of the ones you didn’t really have to fight for to understand. Look to have a conversation only AFTER you have gained that understanding. I wish you luck on your journey.