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Be Careful with them Smart Drugs

So as you know I’ve been experimenting with smart drugs a bit and the newest one is amiracetam. Now this one you don’t need a prescription for so I ordered a couple bottles. I’m gonna get right to the chase on this. First, there is a lot of info on how one should take this with choline (which some consider a nootropic as well). So I also ordered a bottle of CDP choline.

The recommended ratio dosage is 4 amiracetam to 1 CDP choline. So that is what I did. Now as a disclaimer I have only been on these for about 3 days and here is my experience. First I felt a bit anxious and as the day went on I was extremely tired. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. No bueno. For a drug that’s suppose to improve your cognition I can’t say it’s doing a very good job.  Read more

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Hey guys I wanted to talk briefly about something I’ve been researching lately and it has to do with the subject of ‘smart drugs’. If you’ve ever seen the movie Limitless then you know that it is about a drug that unlocks the untapped portions of the brain and makes you smarter than everyone else on the planet. Since I’ve always been involved and fascinated with the human potential I decided to investigate it myself and here’s what I’ve found…

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Honestly I would say that maybe a select few in the world have it but it’s probably not as effective as it is in the movie, AND if it is, the people who have it will never share it! But there are actual ‘smart drugs’ available to all of us ordinary ‘Jones’es’.

So…What are they?

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