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Why Everyone is So Addicted to Their Smartphones.

So you wanna know why people are addicted to their phones? Well it has to do with the way habits are formed in the brain. That device you are staring at has just as must addictive power as heroin and for some people the withdrawals are even the same!

Now don’t think I’m preaching from my high horse, I’m not. I’m just as guilty as the rest of you but I have actually researched why it’s so hard for people to put down the phones.

The first thing to know is that your smart phones are actually rewiring your brain in many many different ways. Think about what it does to your critical thinking to have the supposed answer to whatever question you have right at your fingertips. And, with instant access to so many pages of people saying the same thing on whatever topic you happen to be searching for, and your critical reasoning goes right out the fackin’ window. After all if you see 18 pages all saying similar things then that must be the truth.

The other thing is that the screen is replacing your internal visual processes. Your ability to actually create and hold pictures in your head weakens and in fact you develop a type of ADHD where you just go from one thing to another. This is one of the main reasons why smartphones are so addictive.

The thing that makes smartphones so much worse than just logging onto the internet and surfing is because of the ease of access and the way you access the internet with your phone. There is a little bit of a buffer to the addictive-ness of the internet from a desktop because of the fact that you have to sit down, turn on the computer and then surf. Sure most of the time it’s just moving the mouse and the screen comes on but you still have to sit down and you can’t take the screen with you.

smartphone addiction

With the smartphones this ain’t so. You take it out of your pocket wherever you are at, click a button or tap the screen and now you are surfing. You are swiping the pages and your brain is getting tons of visual information second after second. This is the dangerous part. Read more

Be Careful with them Smart Drugs

So as you know I’ve been experimenting with smart drugs a bit and the newest one is amiracetam. Now this one you don’t need a prescription for so I ordered a couple bottles. I’m gonna get right to the chase on this. First, there is a lot of info on how one should take this with choline (which some consider a nootropic as well). So I also ordered a bottle of CDP choline.

The recommended ratio dosage is 4 amiracetam to 1 CDP choline. So that is what I did. Now as a disclaimer I have only been on these for about 3 days and here is my experience. First I felt a bit anxious and as the day went on I was extremely tired. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. No bueno. For a drug that’s suppose to improve your cognition I can’t say it’s doing a very good job.  Read more

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Hey guys I wanted to talk briefly about something I’ve been researching lately and it has to do with the subject of ‘smart drugs’. If you’ve ever seen the movie Limitless then you know that it is about a drug that unlocks the untapped portions of the brain and makes you smarter than everyone else on the planet. Since I’ve always been involved and fascinated with the human potential I decided to investigate it myself and here’s what I’ve found…

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Honestly I would say that maybe a select few in the world have it but it’s probably not as effective as it is in the movie, AND if it is, the people who have it will never share it! But there are actual ‘smart drugs’ available to all of us ordinary ‘Jones’es’.

So…What are they?

Read more

Getting a Little Payback

This is something that has been on my mind a little bit lately. I think it’s an important human tendency that is often misused and and at the same time underused in the right areas. Getting payback on someone that has wronged you or even that you have perceived has wronged you can be quite cathartic. Whether it is an ex who broke your heart, former business partners who used you and stole from you, or that boss that constantly holds his position over your head with the threat of firing you, wanting to even the scorecards is a very common human condition. And I would argue a very necessary one.

I’m not advocating getting revenge physically or doing something petty but I’m also not advocating beating yourself up too bad if you do do something that may possibly be frowned upon by society (just don’t hurt anyone or do anything illegal). Really, I would argue that giving back a little of what has been given to you is actually necessary for the long term health of your psyche. I want you to really think about that because I know there are things done to me in my younger days that still affect me. Especially now that we have Facebook and we can look upon our perpetrators anytime we want. Heck, the internet gods might even be throwing their continued charmed lives in your face every time you log on. Hard to get them out of your mind when they keep popping up in your friends photos. getting even

Now I want to share a personal story with you. Years ago I was victimized by a group of guys in my school. It started in the sixth grade and these guys beat me up on an almost weekly basis until tenth grade. Well that might be exaggerating a bit but it did happen more often throughout those years then I would like to remember. The problem was not only was I getting beat up and picked on, but the ring leader was my cousin. Our families weren’t really close but still, we are related by blood (pun intended). Unfortunately this little son of a bitch was also very popular and he knew how to get people to like him and follow him. I was no exception. Sometime in the seventh or eighth grade he decided he wanted to be friends. Needless to say I jumped at the chance even if it was just an effort to stop getting jumped.  Read more