Reverse Psychology in Sales

Man…so I love this subject. I do different work for various businesses as well as some copy writing and I needed to do a page for a company that does web design and some seo stuff. So in this company they work with people like plumbers, electricians, roofers¬†and such. Anyway the guys they work with get pitched website and seo stuff all the time so they came to me and asked me to write something up as to how they are different.

Now I had to do some digging but I found out the company only works with one company in one market at a time so it doesn’t end up competing with itself and its other clients. Not only is this genius it is also pretty integrous. This was exactly the approach I ended up using and it actually is a pretty common sales technique and just a plain old everyday thing you do with your kids. ¬†Reverse Psychology.

Now what I did was I wrote about how this company seems to do what everyone else does but with a twist. And it’s with that twist that you turn the tables on your prospect and you get them to qualify why you should work with them rather than them deciding to work with you. What I did is say that this company only works with one company at one time in one niche in each marketplace and that each company they decide to work with needs to satisfy certain criteria. The reason is that what this company does is extremely effective and will work but it will only work for one ‘chosen’ company.

I’ve done this in the past personally when I was dating. Usually girls like to make you jump through hoops just to go out with them so I liked to turn the tables. Simply by acting like I could take them or leave them and painting a picture about how women usually misrepresent themselves and how I’m looking for a certain type of girl that qualifies and before I knew it they would be throwing themselves at me.

Remember this, whoever is more willing to walk away is more likely to get the better deal. Or if you like, whoever is more willing to walk away has the power. Check out this youtube video on Reverse Psychology in Sales. It’s pretty cool.


Remember this type of stuff has all sorts of uses. It can help you in relationships, going to buy a car, going in for a promotion, negotiating with your kids, you name it. Also now that you know about this (well I’m sure you’e always know about reverse psychology), or at least more aware of it now, you can spot when somebody is using it with you. Reverse Psychology is a favorite tactic of passive aggressive people. Good luck and I’ll see you in the next post, that is unless I decide that you aren’t the type of person who will take it upon themselves to actually utilize what I’m sharing. Ha.

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